Snowman as he appears in Def Jam: Vendetta.

I will tear you up like a bad cheque, punk! - Snowman.

Snowman was a crew member and bodyguard of D-Mob during Def Jam: Vendetta. He later on continues his solo career as a lone fighter in Def Jam: Fight for NY, but also working as a Shop District manager of his own shop to which the main protagonist can buy clothes.

Events of Def Jam: Vendetta:

In Def Jam Vendetta. Snowman was a member of D-Mob's crew and during the storyline he was ordered to make sure to "take out" Manny's best friend out of the tournament. However, all three of them failed and returned to D-Mob after Manny Gray managed to accomplish their task instead of them. Later on he is seen overlooking with the rest of D-Mob's crew in shock that Manny Gray's friend returned to the tournament despite being taken care off. When D-Mob pulls out his gun to kill the main protagonist. Snowman is the first one along with House to look shocked. However, after D-Mob is defeated. Snowman, Pockets, and House are there watching as he gets arrested by the cops.

Events of Def Jam: Fight for Ny:

Snowman as he appears in Def Jam: Fight for NY.

In Def Jam: Fight for NY. It is revealed by Blaze that Snowman got kicked out D-Mob's crew by D-Mob himself. The reason was because he was apparently "too soft". However, despite being kicked out. Snowman is no where to be seen during fights and works at his own shop he opened up in the Shop District.  Blaze tells the player that he thinks Snowman is not worthy for their crew, but sells really good gear. Snowman is seen during the Bonus Fights where it is revealed that although kicked out. He never joined any side, but infact. He is the only one of D-Mob's former bodyguards and the one to continue a solo career unlike House and Pockets from the previous game.